Youth Innovation and Enterprise Development

a) Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDF)

Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDF)

The Youth Enterprise Development Fund is a state corporation under the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender. It was gazetted on 8th December 2006 and then transformed into a State Corporation on 11th May 2007.

The Fund is one of the flagship projects of Vision 2030, under the social pillar. Its strategic focus is on enterprise development as a key strategy that will increase economic opportunities for, and participation by Kenyan Youth in nation building. The Fund seeks to create employment opportunities for young people through entrepreneurship and encouraging them to be job creators and not job seekers. It does this by providing easy and affordable financial and business development support services to youth who are keen on starting or expanding businesses. So far YEDF has disbursed 12.8 Billion Kenya Shillings nationally.

b) UWEZO Fund

Uwezo Fund

Uwezo Fund was established to provide youth and women access to grants and interest free loans. It provides mentorship opportunities to enable the youth and women take full advantage of the 30 per cent government procurement preference for youth, women and persons with disability.

The fund also seeks to promote gainful self-employment among the youth and women, and to model an alternative framework for financing community-driven development. It has disbursed 5.9 Billion Kenya Shillings nationally.

c) Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO)

Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO)

The legal requirement for women, youth and persons with disabilities to access 30% of Government Procurement opportunities is being implemented within the context of the AGPO program which was officially launched by His Excellency the President, Uhuru Kenyatta on 16th October, 2013. The AGPO program is founded on the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 Article 227 on the fair equitable, transparent and cost-effective public procurement of goods and services, the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 Article 55 on affirmative action and the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act, 2015.

The aim of the AGPO program is to facilitate the enterprises owned by women, youth and persons with disabilities to be able to participate in Government opportunities. This will be made possible through the implementation of the legal requirement that 30% of Government procurement opportunities be set aside specifically for enterprises owned by these groups. As a result, the program is aimed at empowering them by giving them more opportunities to do business with Government.

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