State Department for Youth

The Ministry of Youth Affairs was first established in December 2005 to address youth concerns in the country on realization that the government may not achieve the Millennium Development Goals without dealing with the many socio-economic challenges facing the Kenyan youth.  In 2018, it was merged with other State Departments within the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender vide Executive Order no.1 of 2018.


The mandate of the State Department for Youth as derived from the Executive Order No.1 of June 2018 (Revised) includes;

  1. Management of Youth Policy;
  2. Overseeing the Management of National Youth Service;
  3. Youth Empowerment;
  4. Harnessing and Developing Youth Talents for National Development;
  5. Mainstreaming Youth in National Development;
  6. Managing and promoting Engagement with Youth for National Development, and
  7. Collaborating and overseeing stakeholders engaged in Youth promoting Activities.

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