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About Directorate of Youths

The former Ministry of State for Youth Affairs (MOYA) was established on 7th December, 2005 to represent and address youth concerns in Kenya. This was necessary against the reality that despite their numerical strength, youth were not well represented in the national, political and socio-economic development processes. Upon inception, the ministry coordinated and mainstreamed youth issues in the national development agenda. In order to integrate and harmonize issues affecting youth in Kenya, the government through the presidential circular no. 1 of 2008 reorganized the ministry to include the department of sports to become the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (MOYAS).Under its strategic plan (2007-2012), MOYAS made significant achievements towards youth empowerment. 

Through the executive order no. 2 of May 2013, the Government prioritized the implementation of youth empowerment functions through the Directorate of Youth Affairs under the Ministry of Devolution and Planning. In November 2015, the President reorganized Government and State Organizations and placed the Directorate of Youth Affairs under the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs. The Directorate is now responsible for implementing transformative youth eight – point empowerment plan in the key focus areas of the new strategy.


Vision: A dynamic and empowered youth building a globally competitive and prosperous Kenya’

Mission: To create and pursue an enabling environment for realizing the full potential of youth towards building a globally competitive and prosperous Kenya’


DYA Strategic Objectives

  • Integration and Mainstreaming of youth interventions in sectoral and macro policies at county and national levels.
  • Provision of strategic direction and a framework for coordinating and leveraging investments targeted at youth empowerment.
  • Consolidation of stakeholder efforts towards youth empowerment.
  • Promotion of transformative youth empowerment with focus on employability and life skills, talent and entrepreneurship development.
  • Promotion of youth participation in community service, peace building and leadership.